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Anne Cardon
Jean Cardon
Catherine Cardon
Louis Philippe Cardon
Marie Madeleine Cardon
Jean Paul Cardon
Thomas Barthelemy Cardon

Philippe CardonPhilippe Cardon 1801-1889
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Son of Jean Cardon and Anne Jouve.  History written by Ella Vida Cardon Adams and Blondel Cardon Porter Smith, extracted from "Three Generations of Our Pioneer Ancestors" by Edna Cardon Taylor

1860 Census (line 2)

1870 Census (line 37)

1880 Census (line 8)

Marthe Marie Tourn CardonMarthe Marie Tourn 1799 - 1873 
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Daughter of Barthelemy Tourn and Marthe Marie Malan.  History written by Brookie Peterson, extracted from "Three Generations of Our Pioneer Ancestors" by Edna Cardon Taylor

1860 Census (line 3)

1870 Census (line 38)


Legacy Family Group

Jeanne-Marie Gaudin-Moise Stallé 1811 - 1898  She lost her husband Jean Pierre Stallé while crossing the plains in the first handcart company.  She was married to Philippe 21 Mar 1863.  HTML format; history is by Geneal Norris Lundquist Gilmore.

 Legacy Family Group
Legacy Family Group 1st Marriage

1860 Census (line 20)

1870 Census (line 39)

1880 Census (line 9)


1.  Anne (20 May 1822 - 25 Jul 1882)
2.  Jean  (7 Aug 1824 - 20 Oct 1909)
3.  Barthelemi (17 Feb 1827 - 9 Aug 1831)
4.  Catherine (12 Sep 1829 - 15 Nov 1902)
5.  Louis Philippe (9 Mar 1832 - 9 Apr 1911)
6.  Marie Madeleine (6 Jul 1834 - 21 Jul 1914)
7.  Louise (25 Dec 1836 - 24 Jul 1841)
8.  Jean Paul (4 Jan 1840 - 12 Feb 1915)
9.  Thomas Barthelemy (28 Aug 1842 - 15 Feb 1898)

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